[VIDEO] Natural Nail Manicure How-To

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Are you avoiding the natural nail area instead of embracing it?! If so, this tutorial is for you. We are going to walk you through a natural nail manicure process step by step using the one and only Blue Cross. This video is going to show you that beauty can still be achieved without any enhancement.

Natural Nail Supplies

  • Nippers
  • Pusher
  • File
  • Top coat
  • Blue Cross Nail Concealer
  • Blue Cross Cuticle Remover
  • Blue Cross Nail Whitener
  • Blue Cross Nourishing Oil

Now let’s get started on the manicure.

Natural Nail How-To

Img 8085Step 1. We are going to start by filing the nail. Even though they are short, this is important to even them out and remove any jagged edges.

Step 2. Then we are going to take the Blue Cross Cuticle Remover and apply it to the nail using a cotton swab so we can remain in control of the product.

Step 3. While that sits, we go in with the opposite end of the pusher and clean out any dirt under the nail.

Step 4. Once the nail is clean, we take the smooth side of the pusher and push all that overgrown cuticle off the nail bed, revealing all the nail that needs to be painted.

Step 5. We like to go in with our E-file after this to get anything we may have missed, as well as lifting up the cuticle even more to expose what needs to be cut.

Step 6. Once that is done, we take the Blue Cross Cuticle Nippers and cut anything that needs to go. Tip: To know what needs to be cut, take a look at the color of the cuticle. If it is translucent or white, it needs to go!

Step 7. After we cut, we go back in with our E-file and sanding bit to exfoliate the skin. This is so we can have longer-lasting results and less chance of a hangnail! Now we are ready to paint.

Step 8. We are going to start with the Blue Cross Whitener to brighten the nail.

Step 9. Then we use the Blue Cross Nail Concealer for color and to fill in any gaps and imperfections the nail may have.

Step 10. Once two coats are applied, you top it off with top coat.

Step 11. Rehydrate the cuticle with oil, and you have a flawless natural nail manicure.

We hope you liked the tutorial. For more, just follow @bluecrossbeauty and @thesalontoyou. All these products can be found on Amazon, Target and Sally’s.


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