IBX Rejuvenates Chemo Patients’ Nails

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You may have already seen the amazing capability IBX has to protect nails from the harms of gel polish, but did you know it could also turn into an essential product for those battling breast cancer? IBX is being used to help chemotherapy patients, immensely improving the strength and look of their nails during the process.
Ibx Duo PackThe Avocado and Jojoba oils that soak into the upper layer of the natural nail help replenish the much-needed moisture many chemo patients lack in their nails and skin. Be Beautyful Studio says they’ve seen it work wonders: “With IBX, the nail is rehydrated and no longer peels off!” See directions for applying it in this video.

Here are a few before and afters:

Lauras Lashes And Nails Chemo Client 2


Amanda Lecluse Chemo Client 0

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[Images: Famous Names]

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