Brand Building Tips From David Anthony

Want to know how to build a brand online? To offer you business advice on topics like branding, David Anthony, president of Valentino Beauty Pure and Vetro USA, joins NAILPRO as our guest business blogger to provide you with tips and answers to your nail questions.


Q: As a nail professional, what is the best way to build my brand online? —Candiipaintnailz NineOone, via Facebook

A: To build a brand, you must get a website up and running immediately, and any social media should link back to your site. It’s important that your website is functional for your clients (think: easy to load and navigate). You should also start a blog. The content of your blog should be intriguing and well written, and the layout should be appealing to the eye. Once you’ve got a solid online presence, Facebook is by far the best platform for promoting brand awareness. Build a Facebook business page and connect this page to your website. Then, you’ll need to carve out time to post two to four times each day. You’ll want to post on multiple social media channels, but keep in mind, you should be posting different content for each platform: Facebook is for community and interaction; Twitter is for information and news; and Instagram is designed to be visual.

When setting up an Instagram account, choose a handle that represents you as, oftentimes, your Instagram handle becomes your brand name. Be sure to write a meaningful bio and upload a headshot or your logo. When you are posting on Instagram, choose photos that are of the highest quality. (Remember, quality over quantity always wins.) Start posting one to two photos every day and include interesting and informative captions. It’s also important to pick at least two hashtags that represent your brand. (For example, I use #TeamValentino and #DustFreeLife.). Finally, make sure you cross promote with industry colleagues to ensure that your audience is targeted and engaged.

Q: In your experience, what social media platform is the biggest sales booster? —@envouguesusa, via Instagram

A: Facebook is the largest sales booster, but reaching your target audience organically can be difficult. Paying for Facebook posts ensures that you reach your intended audience and that you are displaying your posts to users who are interested in what you are selling (i.e., your nail services). With paid Facebook posts, you can directly target your area to build local followers, and ultimately, clients. 

If you’re not ready to commit to paid posts, Instagram is the best free platform to use. However, you must use it correctly. Getting thousands of followers won’t do you any good if you’re not hitting your target market. For example, before social media, a solid marketing technique was to pass out flyers on the street and talk to neighboring businesses. Look at Instagram the same way. Reach out to businesses within 15 miles of your location
and offer incentives to cross promote each other on Instagram. I am a big believer in word of mouth—and that’s exactly what social media offers.

Q: What are your top three tips for a self-employed, newly licensed nail tech? –@ladonna187, via Instagram

A: First things first, practice makes perfect. You need to be confident in your services, so practice as often as you can. Plus, it’s essential to always have your nails done because you are your own walking billboard. Second, always be on time for your appointments. This means arriving 15 to 20 minutes early and scheduling appointments within a reasonable time frame to complete your services. Third, don’t be afraid to network. To be successful, it’s vital that you introduce yourself to other business owners, managers and employees in your area to get the word out about you and your services. So, make sure you talk to as many people as possible to start building a clientele.

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[Image: Courtesy of David Anthony]

This article was first published in the March 2017 issue of NAILPRO

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