Remote Control

Remote ControlSuccessful nail technicians are those able to manage full appointment books, upsell services, inspire retail purchases and keep clients coming back for more. This isn’t a skill taught in beauty school, nor is it something everyone picks up right after graduation.

“I went to a school that did not use any type of salon software, and we always ran into problems with stylists being double-booked, not knowing they had a client on a given day or not having the supplies needed to perform a specific service,” says Shawna Mayo, a nail technician at Magnolia Salon and Spa in Gulfport, Mississippi. “With salon software in place, a stylist can’t be double-booked because the software warns you that an error has occurred. If a client schedules an appointment for a service requiring specific inventory that is currently out of stock, the software reminds you that you need to procure it before the appointment.”

With technology practically running an automated world, the salon industry’s move toward high-tech improvements to assist with its efficiency is a natural progression. After all, with the many ways consumers are able to book appointments and purchase items online, salons should be offering the same level of convenience. The good part is, finding the right systems to integrate into your business is fairly painless and relatively inexpensive since most services offer a free trial period. —Liz Barrett

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