Glossies 2017: Competition #4

The Glossies competitions are back! Perfect for creative techs who’ve always wanted to compete, but have been too nervous to take the plunge, this competition is done on your own time—no travel plans, no entry fees and no time clocks required. All entries are submitted by photograph and evaluated by our team of NAILPRO competition judges.

Competition #4

All submissions are due by March 24, 2017. Winners will be announced in the July 2017 issue. Visit for a complete list of rules and to find out how to submit your work.

Design Sculptured Nails: Red, White and Blue

GLOSSIES-KM-DSN-OverallKatie Melendez

The theme of this competition is Red, White and Blue. Entries must be an interpretation of the theme and competitors must complete a set of 10 competition-style nail enhancements using forms and colored acrylic products in an original and artistic way. Competitors may only use acrylic liquid-and-powder products; color powders and color additives are also allowed. Glitter powder may be used, but must not be included in more than 10 percent of the design. Please note that tips, adhesive, paint or nail polish are not allowed.

3-D Design: Constellations

GLOSSIES-Yanira GonzalesYanira Gonzales

The theme of this competition is Constellations. Entries must be an interpretation of the theme and the theme must be on all 10 tips. Entries must consist of a set of 10 individual manufacturer tips, no longer than two inches and no wider than ¾ inch if they were to be flattened out, and tips must be graduated in size. Additionally, the design must be wearable and it may not protrude more than one inch in height from the tip surface. Plus, the finished tips must remain individual and not be secured to one another. Competitors must also submit a written statement in two parts: the first, detailing the products and processes, and the second, your interpretation of the theme.

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Learn more about the competition, prizes and rules visit the official Glossies page.

Have you entered the Glossies before or are thinking about it? Let us know in the comments below, and then check out the Competition #1 Glossies winners!

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