How to Prevent Clients’ Enhancements from Lifting

Acrylic-separationDo acrylic tips pull off your client’s nails after just a few weeks? Sometimes, just as soon as they get some length, a client’s extensions will start to pull away from the nail. This is bad for aesthetics, but can have additional repercussions. When air and water can get between the natural nail and the nail tips, keep in mind that other organisms can too. A lifting nail is a recipe for all sorts of health problems, including fungal and bacterial infections.

The solution? The first step should be to ensure that you’re applying the product properly, removing any oils from the nail before applying product, and using your primer and/or dehydrator according to the manufacturer’s directions.

But if you’re certain you are performing the application process correctly and the problem still occurs, it may be that your client’s nails are very porous, meaning that they absorb a lot of water and expand slightly. Showering, going for a swim, washing the dishes, and washing the car can all contribute to this issue every day. When her nails dry out again, they will contract. This constant changing in size will eventually pop off the tips.

So how do you keep water out of your client’s nails? Terri Lundberg of the Nail Technician Mentoring Institute in Eagan, MN suggests this one remedy for the problem: “The best trick I’ve found for solving this problem is keeping the nails oiled whenever possible, especially if the client’s going to have her hands in water a lot.” The oil will provide a sort of barrier from the water, and thus reduce the likelihood of the nails expanding. You can also cut down on the problem by making sure your client wears gloves when doing the dishes or scrubbing the shower to prevent further exposure to water.

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