Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Red Calla Lilys

Red 7

Nail Art Tutorial: 3-D Red Calla Lilys

Try creating these floral elements with a range of different color combinations. Nail artist Sam Biddle shows how:















Step 1: Pick up a dry bead of acrylic and place it on a sculpting form.Red 1

Step 2: With the tip of your brush, pull through the bead and create a teardrop.
Red 2

Step 3: Press out the edges of the teardrop with your brush to create a lily, keeping the tip of your brush toward the center of the flower.
Red 3

Step 4: Place a wire so that it lies three-quarters up the lily. This will become the long white stamen and the stem of the flower.
Red 4

Step 5: When the shine has left the surface of the acrylic, it’s ready to lift and fold over the wire.
Red 5

Step 6: Cover the wire with white acrylic to create your stamen. Then, use green acrylic to create the stem.
Red 6Final 0

[Images: Sam Biddle]

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