How Can I Make Learning to Apply Acrylics Easier?

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Expert nail tech and artist Vu Nguyen answers your biggest nail questions!



“I am a recent graduate from nail technician school. Is there a best practice to learn how to apply acrylic easily?” —Stacia Simpson, via email





Vu Nguyen [640x480]A: “Congratulations on finishing school; that’s totally not the fun part. But applying acrylic can be! First, be sure you have a clean work area. It’s so much easier for me to find what I’m looking for when I have a clean workspace. Next is lighting. Always work in good lighting, especially when you’re practicing. Practice on tips or forms and find what bead ratio and method is comfortable for you. Have plenty of powder and liquid on hand. Oh, and one more thing, clean your brush out constantly using brush cleaner, not acetone.”


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[Image of Vu: OPI]

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