Nail Art Tutorial: Acrylic Water Nail


Sarah, of @getbuffednails, has been creating unique nail art for quite some time, and her new designs never cease to catch our attention! For a mermaid manicure she recently did, Sarah created acrylic nail tips that mimic the appearance of flowing water. Follow Sarah’s instructions to see how she made this look happen. 

What you will need:
Nail forms 
Double sided tape
Color drops
Tin foil
Clear acrylic 
Clear top-coat
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1. Start by preparing your form. Using the double sided tape, stick the slightly scrunched foil onto the form.
20150309 162623 0
2. It will look something like this when folded. 
20150309 162711
3. Cover the natural nail with an opaque pink cover acrylic and shape it to the desired nail length.
20150309 143306
4. Place form under the nail bed you created. 
20150309 143613
5. Add color drops to your monomer in whichever color you prefer.
20150309 162816
6. The liquid will change color, like so.
20150309 162858
7. Try the liquid with clear powder. 
20150309 163003
8. Place the acrylic in the smile line, and roughly mold to desired shape. Note: Keep the layers thin. Apply a clear acrylic layer to cap the entire nail.
20150309 143829
9. Pinch to give a slim, tapered shape.
20150309 144124 20150309171115482
10. Buff the nail smooth.
20150309 145618
11. Apply a top-coat, and you’re finished!
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20150309 160617 20150309173102272
Here are a few images of another manicure by @getbuffednails done with this same technique!
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Img 20150304 224502
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