Nail Art Tutorial: Seahawks and Patriots Superbowl Nails


Make sure your client has cute nails for the big game! Here are two manicures to try, depending on whether the lady in your chair is a Seahawks or Patriots fan. MARS the Salon shows how – just pick your team below!

S2Apply base coat. Apply light green color on index, ring, and pinky finger. Add white color on thumb and blue color on the middle finger.

S4Draw the face of the Seahawks’ mascot with navy and light blue.

S5Fill the inside of the eye with neon green.

S7Draw footballs with brown on the index and ring finger.

S8Draw some lines with white on the footballs.

S10Draw a “12” with light gray on the middle finger.

S11Outline the “12” with neon green.

S13Draw three blue lines on the pinky finger.

S14Draw four white lines on the pinky finger.

P2Apply base coat. Apply brown on index and ring finger, navy on middle finger, and white on pinky.

P3Draw “P” with white using a thin art brush on the thumb.

P4Draw a face of the Patriots’ mascot with light gray.

P5Draw outer lines with navy.

P6Fill the inside of the mascot head with red.

P7Draw the outer lines of the head and draw a star with white.

P8Fill in part of the thumb with blue glitter.

P10Draw two curved lines with white on the index and ring finger.

P11Draw three horizontal lines between the curved lines and one vertical line in the center of the horizontal lines.

P13Draw a “12” with white on the middle finger.

P15Create a winding French line with red on the pinky finger.

P16Draw a star with navy on the ring finger.

P17Attach small gold studs on the tip of the star.



[Images: MARS the Salon]

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