Nail Art Tutorial: Making Waves

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International nail artist Vanessa Durand from Cannes, France, shares her simple gel nail art step-by-step.
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Step 1: Prep nails and remove shine. Apply a stiletto form.
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Step 2: Using clear hard gel, sculpt the extension. Cure for two minutes.
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Step 3: With hard pink gel, extend the nail bed, and cure for two minutes. Cap the nail with clear gel and cure.
Img 04
Step 4: File, shape and buff the nail until smooth.
Img 05
Step 5: Using a fine-tipped brush, paint black wavy lines on the free edge.
Img 06
Step 6: Follow the black lines with metallic paint.
Img 07
Step 7: Adhere a jewel to the smile line with gel and cure. 
Img 08
Step 8: Apply a high-shine top coat over the entire nail.
Img 9
Step 9: Finish with moisturizing cuticle oil.
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[Images: Vanessa Durand]
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