Nail Art Tutorial: Spring Marbled Nails

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Nail Art Tutorial: Spring Marbled Nails

ProShape’s Ilona Musik took a little inspiration from Chanel when creating this spring marbled mani! »

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1. Prepare natural nails as always: remove cuticle, buff, wipe, put primer and put on nail form.

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2. Using acrylic, construct feline shape nails, file, polish and wipe again.

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3. Put gel polish base on all nails.


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4. Paint nails with white gel polish, cure for 2 minutes, paint once again but do not cure.

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5. On uncured, wet surface paint irregular pattern using gel paint colors such as: teal, mint, neon pink, yellow, black. Cure for 2 minutes and afterwards put top coat.

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[Images: Andrea Musik]

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