Nail Art Tutorial: Pink and Yellow Flower French

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Kamila Achatz, an uber-talented nail artist in Germany never ceases to amaze. Emulate this pink and yellow design she did by following along with her

1 19Step 1: Prep the nail and build the gel enhancement as usual. Cure. Using white gel, create a French nail and add a curved stripe. Cure.

2 1Step 2: Use Caribic Colors UV Gel (yellow, orange, pink) to make rainbow stripes over the white French. The white underneath your color makes them pop.

3 15Step 3: Do the same over the white stripe.

4 15Step 4: Buff the nail.

5 1Step 5: Draw flower and fine lines with acrylic paint and a thin brush. Seal with gel top coat.

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[Images: Kamila Achatz, Jet Set Beauty]

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