Nail Art Tutorial: Ilona Musik’s Romantic Design

Final Nails

You may already know Polish nail artist

Ilona Musik Nails 11. Prepare natural nails as usual. Extend nails with transparent gel, file, and cleanse.

Ilona Musik Nails 22. Cover whole nail with your base color; cure.

Ilona Musik Nails 33. Add a thin layer of a transparent black polish. Do not cure.

Ilona Musik Nails 44. Swirl top coat with it to get a textured effect.

Ilona Musik Nails 55. Apply transfer foil as shown. (You can achieve the same look by drawing swirls with your top coat where you want your foil to stick before applying it.)

Ilona Musik Nails 66. Apply top coat on all nails.

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[Images: Andrea Musik]

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