Nail Art Tutorial: Mermaid Nails

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Who doesn’t like shimmery aquatic nails? Watch as Sarah Elmaz of Get Buffed Nails demonstrates how to get the look.

Img 0642You will need:

  • An array of around 4 colors (ranging from dark to light)
  • Pearl gems
  • Shell charms

Img 06471. Paint the nail a neutral color. If using gel, remove the inhibition layer, if regular polish, allow to dry well. (For a brighter effect use a white base color first.)

Img 0651Img 06522. With your first color, take the polish brush out of the bottle and wipe all sides of the brush to take off as much polish as possible. You can wipe your brush off more on a lint-free wipe.

Img 06503. Drag the dry polish brush over the entire nail in long strokes. If using gel, cure.

Img 0654Img 06554. Keep following the same technique with all of your colors. If needed, use a small flat gel brush to disperse the polish further.

20141114 1718325. Once you have layered all your colors and are happy with the look, apply top coat.

Img 06646. Finally add your pearls and shells. For the best ways to apply these pieces, see our article here. Done!
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Find Sarah’s nails online:
Instagram: @getbuffednails

[Images: Sarah Elmaz]

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