Nail Art Tutorial: Foil Peppermint Candy Nails


Nail Art Tutorial: Foil Peppermint Candy Nails

Don’t just do red and white peppermint stripes this holiday season. Put yourself ahead of the competition by creating realistic plastic wrappers with transfer foil inspired by Robin Moses! Here’s how Becky (@nailsby_becky) did the look.


Items used:






Step 1: Prep nails as usual. Apply base coat and two coats of Black Onyx on ring finger and middle finger. Apply two coats of Good Gossip on remaining fingers.

Image2Step 2: Using your dotting tool and Sheek White, make medium sized dots on nails. (This will be different on each client and you can make more if their nails are longer.)


Step 3: Using a liner brush and Hot Rod Red, create curved lines starting from the middle of the nail, going out to the edges.


Step 4: Using liner brush and Hot Rod Red, make small lines following the curved lines.
Image5Step 5: Add a top coat over the nail, cure, and wipe tacky layer off. Using foil glue, paint over the “candy” and create the edges of the wrapper.

Image6Step 6: Wait for the glue to dry completely. It usually takes a couple of minutes. You will know when the glue is dry because it will be transparent.  Once the glue is dry, apply Opal Swirl Foil by pressing the back side (side with no design) on the glue. Make sure to rub the foil where you have the glue on your nail. Lift up the sheet of foil and the design transfers to the nail.

Nail Art Tutorial: Foil Peppermint Candy NailsStep 7: Apply top coat, cure, wipe the tacky layer off and apply cuticle oil.

Find Becky’s work online:
Instagram: @nailsby_becky
Twitter: @BLCarter28

[Images: Becky Carter]

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