Nail Art Tutorial: Pink Ribbon Nails

Pink Ribbon3

Looking for a pretty pink design for a good cause? Look no further than this manicure from MARS the Salon, including owner Hiroko Fujikawa and her team of experts! They’ve broken down the entire look into easy steps:

1. Apply a base coat to all nails.
2. Apply a coat of white polish on index, middle, and ring nails.
3. Apply a coat of soft pink polish on thumb and pinky nails.
4. Using a thin nail art brush and pink acrylic paint to draw a small pink ribbon on the index and ring finger nails. Use white acrylic paint to draw a pink ribbon at the corner edge of the thumb and pinky nails.
5. On middle finger nails, draw a big pink ribbon at center using white acrylic paint, then apply small pearls (like those used for a caviar manicure) using dots of top coat.
6. Apply a top coat and you’re done!

[Images: Alex Sclavos/MARS the Salon]

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