How to Erase Visible Fill Lines

Saved by the BellSaved by the Bell

Check out this quick tip from international educator Melissa Garcia for erasing visible fill lines.

“There are two reasons why fill lines become visible. One: the client is experiencing hairline lifting. If this occurs, you can fix it with an electric file and a nipper. Set your electric file to a very low level and softly drill right behind the lift mark until you’re almost to the nail plate. Use the nipper to flick off the extra acrylic. Once the acrylic is flush with the nail, the new fill will look flawless with no visible line.

“Two: rings of fire. With this situation, you can see a line in the acrylic from every fill the client has had. This is most often the result of pushing too hard on the nail plate when filing prior to the fill. There’s usually no lifting just because you drilled hard, but the lines mean you’re going too far into the nail bed. You need to reexamine your electric filing technique—such as how you hold your hands—and turn down the setting. Your drill should be set very low for fills so you can remove the acrylic gradually and gently.”

[Image: iStockphoto]

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