Nail Art Tutorial: Glittery Cherry Blossom Nails

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Let your skills bloom with this cherry blossom design! Click through to see as DanahsNails shows how it’s done. »

2 8Supplies needed:
Quick dry top coat
Light aqua/mint polish
Pastel green/pistachio polish
Black acrylic paint
Brown acrylic paint
Pink jumbo hex glitter
Pink small circle glitter
Craft sponge
Detailing brush (size 00)
Orangewood stick

Step 1: Prep nail. Paint 2 coats of pastel green until opaque. Let dry thoroughly.

3 6Step 2: Paint the tip of nail with light aqua.

4 6Step 3: With same polish, paint a few strokes on the sponge (make sure it is not too wet or too dry).

5 5Step 4: Dab lightly on the tip to achieve a gradient and soft transition between sections. If you press too hard the layers will stick and get damaged. You may repeat if needed, but make sure it dries between coats.
7 3Step 5: Paint the branches with brown paint.

8 3Step 6: Using a darker shade of brown, outline some branches to give depth and shade.

9 1Step 7: Now it’s time to place the glitter, so work fast! Starting with the largest glitter pieces. Use a very tiny dot of quick dry top coat in desired place. Wet the sharp tip of the orangewood stick, pick up the glitter, then place it on nail.

10 1Step 8: Add the smaller glitter. Add top coat. Done!

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[Courtesy of Danah Alfares]

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