Nail Art Tutorial: Bunches of Roses

Final Shot

Paint the roses red! And orange. Follow along as La Mesa manicurist Julie Parker demonstrates how to use INM to achieve this floral design.

Step 1 Copy
Step 1: Sculpt the nail using Out the Door acrylic powder. File to the desired shape.

Step 2 1
Step 2: Apply Gelavish Dual-It for the bases coat. Cure.

Step 3 1
Step 3: Polish with Gelavish Innocent. Cure.

Step 4 1
Step 4: Wipe off the tacky layer. Paint large and small circles using acrylic paint. Cure.

Step 5 1
Step 5: Paint leaves using green acrylic paint. Cure.

Step 6 1
Step 6: Draw white lines inside the circle to create roses.

Step 7 0
Step 7: Glue on studs and coat the entire design with Dual It. After curing, remove the tacky layer.

[Image: INM]

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