Nail Art Tutorial: Cherry Bomb Nails

Image 4

Just like the firework, Jessica’s cherry bomb nails explode with color, shine, and dazzle.

Image 9Supplies needed:

  • OPI Danke-Shiny Red
  • OPI Gold Shatter
  • Orly Rockets Red Glare
  • Acrylic craft paints in red, black and white
  • Long striper brush and dot maker
  • Assorted rhinestones & studs in desired colors
  • INM Out The Door top coat

Image 8Step 1: Start by painting black acrylic paint on freshly base coated nails.

Image 4Step 2: Polish with OPI Danke-Shiny Red. Allow some of the black acrylic to peek through as part of the design.

Image 2 0Step 3: To create contrast, sparkle and texture, use OPI Gold Shatter. Apply to tips of nails and down the middle of others. Create whatever angles you like.

Image 5Step 4: Apply a bit of Orly Rockets Red Glare to ring and index fingers to add just a little more glitz and texture.

Image 13

Image 3Step 5: Use long striper and red craft paint to outline/define red and gold polish on each nail as desired.

Image 12Step 6: Use long striper and black craft paint to add some contrasting stripes to ring and index fingers.

Image 1 0
Image 6Step 7: Use a long striper and dotting tool with white craft paint to really make this design pop. Place stripes and dots at your preference.
Image 10Step 8: Use your favorite top coat first on the nails that won’t be getting any bling. This allows them a little extra dry time while finishing the design.

Image 7Step 9: Use dotting tool and top coat to apply rhinestones and studs to the ring and index fingers. Finish by applying 1-2 coats of Out The Door dry top coat to lock in the stones and studs.

Image 1Step 10: Here’s the finished product!
Image 11

See more of Jessica’s designs on her Instagram: @nailsbyjrabbit


[Images: Jessica Reohr]

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