Nail Art How To: Watercolor Calgel Nails

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While watercolor paintings on large wall canvasses are a sight to see, we’re partial to this form of art: floral nails. Nailpro tip: combining Calgel with acrylic paints gives the nail a smooth nude background for the water-downed paints, so the look is clean.

Want to try it yourself? See the tutorial straight from Sakura Nail + Spa in New York.

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Supplies needed:

  • Acrylic paints
  • Calgel clear gel
  • Calgel nude color gels (2)
  • Art Brushes
  • Cut pieces of kitchen towels

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Step 1: Apply base color with Calgel. Cure 1-3 minutes.

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Step 2: Draw lines with acrylic paint and absorb excess water with a kitchen paper. You can also add a little extra water to the paints to give you a head start.

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Step 3: Absorb wet paint until the lines are weathered looking. Make sure to absorb extra water from the nail quickly, as the paint can dry out fast!

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Step 4: Continue adding wavy lines to nails. Also add roses to a few nails with short, rounded lines.

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Step 5: Seal the look with clear gel and cure one minute. Finished!

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Try another nail tutorial by Sakura Nail + Spa:
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[Tutorial courtesy of Sakura Nail + Spa on the Lower East Side in New York.]

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