Nail Education: 6 Tips for Using E-Files in Your Salon


Are you taking full use of your e-file? When used right, they make your job much easier, but the key is correct use. To help you out, Scratch magazine featured ProFiles in their recent issue, along with 6 essential e-file tips by Melodee Lange-Christensen, Nouveau Nail USA Director of Education.

Don’t be nervous about electric filing anymore. Here’s what you should know.

1) Never push the bit too hard when cleaning under the nails.
2) Use lower speed for cuticle area, medium speed for backfills and fast speed for shaping.  Speeds in excess of 15,000 RPM can be potentially dangerous.
3) Angle the client’s hand in lieu of maneuvering the e-file around the nail.
4) Grip your client’s fingers firmly to avoid any unnecessary vibrations that can cause discomfort.
5) Apply the proper amount of pressure.  Too much pressure can affect the nail.
6) Periodically lift the bit from the nail to prevent a build-up of heat.

To check out ProFiles‘ electric files and bits, see Premier Nail Source.

[Courtesy of PNI Worldwide]

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