Footlogix Launches 8-Piece Professional Kit

Footlogix 8 Piece Kit
Footlogix 8 Piece Kit
Courtesy of Footlogix

Footlogix has released a new solution to luxury/wellness pedicures with the Footlogix 8 Piece Professional Kit.

The Footlogix 8 Piece Professional Kit includes the essential products needed to perform a Footlogix pedicure.

The kit transforms feet from heels to toes and includes:

  • Callus Softener—This spray-on formula provides an effective, instant softening treatment for calluses, dry keratinized skin, hyperkeratosis and fissures/rhagades.
  • Foot Soak—Used to prepare the client’s feet, this gentle, pH balanced formula with antimicrobial properties softens dry, rough skin.
  • Very Dry Skin Formula—This nongreasy, mousse-based formula penetrates deeply into all layers of the skin to deliver quality ingredients proven to restore softness and suppleness to even the driest of feet. 
  • Exfoliating Seaweed Scrub—This exfoliating scrub contains the highest-grade, organic micro-algae blended with essential oils and polished pumice to reveal soft, supple skin without being abrasive.
  • Massage Formula—This provides a five-to-10-minute massage to the client’s feet and lower legs.
  • Cuticle Softener—This naturally softens cuticles without stripping the skin of essential moisture, after allowing the product to absorb for 60 seconds.
  • Cuticle Conditioner—This conditioner lotion can be massaged into the treated cuticle to keep the skin around the toenails silky soft and esthetically beautiful.
  • Professional Stainless Steel File—This lightweight, double-sided file can be used multi-directionally and will not shred the skin. 

The Footlogix 8 Piece Professional Kit has the capability of achieving a minimum of 50 to 60 pedicures.

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