The Making of NAILPRO February 2018 Cover Nails

Amidst the compliments we receive on the NAILPRO covers, there’s always one comment that pops up from time to time: “Love the covers, but would really like to see some salon nails, too.” You ask, and we answer—with this fabulously flirty Valentine’s Day set, perfect for the salon, courtesy of LeChat international educator Yvette Holt. For this February cover, Holt opted for traditional salon techniques: a swift extension and overlay followed by stamped art, a must for those on a time clock. While stamping does take a little practice to become proficient, it’s not an extensive learning curve and, once mastered, it allows techs to create detailed nail art in a flash.


1. Holt began by prepping the model’s nail, then applied two coats of black nail polish.


2. She decided to stamp the design in white so that it would stand out against the black lacquer.


3. After picking up the wet polish from the stamping plate, she quickly rolled the stamped design across the nail.


4. Using a detail brush, Holt filled in the hearts with red nail polish.


5. Once the nails were completely dry, she floated a layer of top coat over the nails, using care not to smear the designs.


6. Then she removed the excess polish on the skin, and the nails were complete.

Watch this step-by-step in action in the video below.

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This article was first published in the February 2018 issue of NAILPRO



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