Test Yourself: How To Keep Clients Moisturized in the Winter


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Welcome to Test Yourself December 2017: Dry Conditions

1 Which of the following are potential causes of dry eponychia (cuticles)?
2. Overall dehydration of the body has no effect on cuticles.
3, Which of the following is not a common sign or symptoms of severely dry eponychia?
4. Nail techs should advise clients with dry eponychia to __________ before working with chemicals.
5. Severely dry feet can result from a breakdown of the _________.
6. A deep crack in the skin of the heel can lead to a bacterial infection.
7. When working on a pedicure client with superficial cracks in the heel, you should ________.
8. How many types of eczema are identified by the National Eczema Association?
9. Eczema is more likely to be caused by an allergic reaction to something you ate.
10. It’s estimated that more than ______ million Americans suffer from symptoms of eczema.
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