Nail Art Tutorial: Pink Moon by Miss Pop


Delicate, feminine and perfect for summer. That’s how we would describe this swoon worthy nail art by Miss Pop. Here, the products used and a tutorial. 

Nail Art Tutorial: Pink Moon by Miss Pop

When it comes to nail art, we have the habit of falling in the school of thought that the more outlandish the design, the better. What we fail to acknowledge is that, sometimes, a simpler design takes just as much concentration and experience as a stiletto nail that’s over an inch long with more bling than P. Diddy in the ’90s. Or was he going by Puffy then? For those who closely follow the industry, you’ll know that no one masters seemingly simple, but utterly creative designs better than Miss Pop.

Case in point, the Pink Moon nail art design below. This abstract look uses negative space to create a canvas through which Miss Pop’s beautiful pink moon, one that reminds us of a setting sun, can shine without distraction. (Bonus points for being named after one of my favorite Nick Drake songs).

If you’re looking for summer manicure inspiration or want to learn how and with what to create this editorial-worthy design, keep scrolling for a tutorial on the look.

Step 1

Apply China Glaze® Strong Adhesion base coat.

Step 2

Pink-Moon-Step-1-625WStart with a droplet of White on White by your cuticle.

Get a good droplet of polish on the bottle brush of China Glaze® White On White. Then, starting a little up from the cuticle – about a half a centimeter – paint a short stroke down. This will create a mini half moon.

Step 3

Pink-Moon-Step-2-625WCreate a pink French tip with I’ll Pink to That.

Next, paint a French tip with China Glaze® I’ll Pink To That.  You can use the bottle brush or, to really elongate the nails, use a striping brush to extend the smile line of the French down the sides of your nail.

Step 4

Pink-Moon-Step-3-625WFinish the nail art design with Shocking Pink.

Using a striping brush dipped in China Glaze® Shocking Pink, fill in the gap from the cuticle to the moon with a thick line.

Step 5

When the polish is dry to the touch, seal design with China Glaze® Fast Forward top coat.

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What are your thoughts on this nail design?



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