Nail Art Tutorial: Pastel Rose Ombre Nails


Create this glittery rose nail art ombre with candy pastel shades from INM.  Nail artist Celine Cummings (@nailedbyceline) shares how to get the look!

Products Needed:

INM Celine’s Jelly Bean
INM Crème de Carnivale
INM Cotton Candy Dandy
INM Northern Lights Hologram Topcoat “Silver”
INM Out the Door Topcoat
Opaque white polish or white acrylic paint
Detail brush


1) Apply a thick stripe of Celine’s Jelly Bean onto a sponge, followed by a thin stripe of Creme de Carnivale immediately above it, followed by a thick stripe of Cotton Candy Dandy. Sponge onto nails. Once dry, apply Northern lights topcoat to add a little shimmer.


2) In the upper left quadrant of the nail, paint two squiggly small half circle shapes using either white polish or white acrylic paint. Don’t worry about making them perfect half circles- in this case imperfect is good!


3) Around the periphery of the shapes painted in the previous step, paint 3 squiggly medium sized half circles.

4) Paint 3 more squiggly half circles around the periphery of the shapes painted in the previous step, but elongate the half circles and vary where you start and end the half circle shapes as compared to the previous step. Add leaves.


5) (optional step:) If desired, paint another rose on the right side of the nail, near but not touching the previous rose painted. Finish with topcoat!


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