Nail Clinic: Tips For Giving Manicures To Older Clients


If some of your clients are (just a bit!) older in age, you need to make sure you are giving your full attention to their nails. Often, early signs of disease and other problems can make an appearance in nail color and shape. Infection is also even more of a threat, as older adults often have thinner, more susceptible skin around the nails and lower immunity. Find out how you can cater to your senior clients and make your salon the best possible experience for them!

Tip #1: Dryness is a huge issue. Skin becomes thinner and drier with age, which increases the likelihood of cuts, and in turn, infections. The skin around the nails can be especially dry, and cause cuticles to become ragged. A tech should make it a priority to moisturize the hands and all around the nails.

Tip #2: Just as skin becomes thinner, older nails often become more brittle. Be more gentle with filing to prevent nails from breaking or tearing.

Tip #3: Don’t let your client be at an elevated risk for infection. Keeping your tools and surfaces properly cleaned, sanitized, and disinfected is always a must – but is of utmost important when working with this client base.

Tip #4: If you often work with the same client on a regular basis, this is your chance to notice any changes in her hands that might give warning of a larger health problem. For instance, if you notice your clients’ hands were often warm, and now they’re consistently freezing, this could be a circulation issue. If any injuries on the hands or limbs you see are taking an unusually long time to heal, this could be a sign of diabetes. If you notice anything strange on hands or fingers, let your client know, but remember you can only advise her to then check with a doctor to do tests and seek treatment.

Here’s a guide of what different unusual nail appearances can mean:

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