Medinail Learning Center Offers Monthly Webinars for Nail Technicians

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Medinail Learning Center in Chattanooga, TN  has announced  new monthly webinars for nail technicians. “Our webinars are designed to enhance the knowledge and success of nail technicians,” says Janet McCormick, Vice President of Educational Development of Medinail Learning Center, Chattanooga, TN. “Computers and the Internet, entwined, are a great resource for nail technicians to learn how to move to the next step in their career.” The webinars will be offered to two separate groups each month: education for all nail technicians, and continuing education for MLC’s graduates and current students.

A series of four webinars, titled “Safe Salons, The Most Successful Salons Ever” begins in April and all nail technicians are invited to attend. “This series is designed to take an individual nail technician or salon to the next step in their success and career growth using safety as the key,” says McCormick. The first webinar, offered in April, will be titled, Why Become a Safe Salon and will be taught by Janet McCormick; the second, in May, will be titled, Top Ten Reasons Many Nail Salons Cause Infections, taught by Dr Robert Spalding, DPM; the third, in June, will be titled, Why Autoclave, and also will be taught by Dr Spalding; the fourth, in July will be titled Marketing a Safe Salon and will be taught by Janet McCormick. Graduates and current MLC attendees are invited to attend these webinars also.

Medinail Learning Center is an online education company committed to upgrading the careers of nail technicians and to provide them options never before available to them. Two programs are currently offered by MLC, the Advanced Nail Technician Program and the Medical Nail Technician Program.

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