Make Your Salon a Relaxation Destination With These Aromatherapy Recipes


With many nail salons promoting their spa-like aura, incorporation of aromatherapy can make your services more competitive. Here are some key tips on selecting the perfect aromatherapy session for your clients.  

If your client has been experiencing severe stress (aren’t we all?), offer her a soothing blend of 2 parts Roman Chamomile, 2 parts Chamomile mix, 4 parts Lavender, 2 parts Orange and 1 part Clove.  

Has your client been feeling fatigue lately? The best remedy for this is a mixture containing 3 parts Basil, 2 parts Bergamont, 2 parts Peppermint, 2 parts Rosemary, and 1 part Lavender. This recipe promotes blood flow and drains toxins.

For a client with a cold or headache, a combination of 3 parts Peppermint, 7 parts Lavender, 3 parts Eucalyptus, 1 part Cajuput, and 2 parts Tea Tree can help the sinuses and promote detoxification.

Now for a deep, relaxing sigh…

[Image: Cornstock Images/Thinkstock]

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