Dermelect Cosmeceuticals Launches Natural Nail Repair Kit



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Dermelect Cosmeceuticals adds two new treatments to its arsenal of peptide-infused nail care: Transfix Nail Restore base coat and Expedite Protect & Prolong top coat. Formulated with sunflower oil, keratin protein peptide and Tremella mushroom extract, this natural nail repair duo works to repair and restore weak, damaged nails.



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Transfix Nail Restore serves as a professional strength, eight-in-one treatment base coat with sheer nude coverage to resemble the look of a healthy nail bed, while a powerhouse ingredient combination works to nourish nails back to health.

Professional treatment top coat Expedite Protect & Prolong utilizes ‘Wet Look’ technology, instantly forming a plump, voluminous layer over bare or polished nails to create a long lasting shine, protecting nails from breakage, splitting and yellowing.

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Get to Know the Ingredients

Keratin Protein Peptide

Imported from New Zealand, this protein increases nail integrity, strength, flexibility and hydration.


Imported from France, celery seed oil soluble extract locks in moisture and prevents external damage.

Hexanal Aldehyde

This hardening organic compound improves nail resiliency.

Tremella Mushroom

This nourishing anti-oxidant features anti-microbial properties.

Alpha Hydroxy Acid

AHA is utilized for its resurfacing properties.

Sunflower Seed Oil

This nourishing emollient easily absorbs, providing instant hydration.



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What the Doc Prescribes

Specializing in nail damage, board-certified dermatologist Dr. Chris G. Adigun provides nutrient requirements needed to revive and strengthen clients’ nails:  Hydration, conditioning and surface restoration.



Incorporate a gentle exfoliative acid (AHAs) into your clients’ nail treatment such as glycolic acid to facilitate penetration of nourishing emollients and conditioning peptides.


Emollients seal in moisture and bolster the desiccated nail’s resilience, while keratin peptides support the nail plate’s structure and improve strength. Keep in mind, applying conditioning emollients to the surrounding nail tissue is also important for nail health.


Expedite’s unique top coat formula contains conditioning oils sunflower and celery seed, as well as nourishing peptides that restore nails’ strength and resilience.

—by Angelina Lewis


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