5 Ways To Reverse Cracked, Callused Heels

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It’s inevitable – even the most otherwise feminine clients will come in with painful looking cracked, callused feet, and want you to fix them. Here are a few things you can try:

1. Regular care. Let your client know that the best way to get those crazy calluses under control is with regular pedicures – at least twice a month – until the skin is manageable.

2. Softening creams. Not only use moisturizing cream on your clients when they come to visit you, but prescribe they apply a thick layer of foot cream and socks for a half hour before bed. This will help their heels continue to heal between visits to you.

3. Recommend your client wear shoes or socks as much as possible. Wearing sandals and going barefoot (even on carpeting) cause friction and pressure on the skin of the heel, causing protective layers of skin to build up. Having shoes, slippers, or socks, even when just around the house, can reduce a lot of this.

4.  Point them towards the pumice stone. Have your client use a pumice stone on their feet in the shower at least once a week. If they don’t already have one, this can be a great retail opportunity for you!

5. In very severe cases, no amount of pumice or lotion will change the calluses. In this situation, advise your client to see a podiatrist who can decide on the next step to take. A podiatrist can sometimes use a surgical blade to reduce the build up skin; and your client can come back to you to maintain soft skin between doctor visits.  

[Image: iStockphoto/Alina555]

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