Meet Reagan Basilotto: Nailpro 30 Under 30 Winner for 2023

Get to know 24-year-old nail tech Reagan Basilotto (@stylebyreags).
Get to know 24-year-old nail tech Reagan Basilotto (@stylebyreags).
Courtesy of Reagan Basilotto

We are spotlighting the winners of Nailpro’s 30 Under 30 competition for 2023, featuring 30 nail artists under 30 years of age.

Get to know 24-year-old nail tech Reagan Basilotto (@stylebyreags).


Nailpro (NP): What is a fun fact about you? 

Reagan Basilotto (RB): I am a dog mom to two miniature dachshunds. 

NP: How did you get your start as a nail tech? 

RB: My mom has been a nail tech for almost 30 years, and she started teaching me when I was 11 years old! She was the reason I fell in love with nails. I’ve been doing nails professionally ever since I graduated school. 

NP: What do you love about your job?

RB: I love being able to be creative every day and making connections with my clients. My clients play a huge role when it comes to loving my job.

NP: Where do you find inspiration?

RB: I love to find my nail art inspiration on murals, decorations, prints and so much more. I love to create one of a kind hand-painted sets. I’ve always had a love for art. I also find my inspiration from learning a new skill. It ignites my passion for creating.

NP: What is a piece of advice you would give other nail technicians who are just getting started?

RB: Never stop learning. It’s all possible. I know it’s cliche, but practice really does make perfect and the best way to be successful is to be consistent. 

NP: What is your favorite nail trend right now?

RB: Because I specialize in custom hand-painted nail art, I rarely do trendy sets, but I absolutely love the look of 3D swirls!

NP: What is your favorite service to offer?

RB: My favorite service is a dry manicure with a builder gel overlay. 

NP: What is one of your proudest achievements as a nail tech?

RB: My proudest achievement as a nail tech was becoming affiliates with my favorite brands! 

NP: What do you love about the nail community/industry?

RB: I love that there are like-minded nail techs to build a community, share thoughts and collaborate with and just be there to support each other. I strive to be there for all of the new and current nail technicians!

NP: What are your top goals as a nail tech?

RB: My goals are to share my experience and knowledge through continued education. I take pride in my career and want to share that with other nail techs around the world! 

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