A Nail Tech's Guide To Gifting Clients This Holiday Season

This holiday season, we were curious to discover what presents nail artists gifted their clients each year for Christmas. We have asked eight nail professionals what they like to gift and to whom.

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Kim Hall-Squibb, Nail Technician, St. John’s, Newfoundland:

“I gift each of my clients the same Christmas package every year, and they look forward to the little treat: a handwritten holiday card—handmade by me—a homemade mint hot chocolate packet and a cuticle oil. Each gift costs roughly $5, but my clients love it every year.”

Kayla Warichak, Manicurist, Wauwatosa, Wisconsin:

"For the holidays, I always make each client a little goodie bag. Last year’s consisted of Aveda Hand Relief, two stickers with my logo, a handmade keychain to clip to debit cards to make handling them with long nails easier and some holiday candy—all for about $2.50 for each bag (about $130 total). I want to do something similar this year but make small changes—i.e., tweak my keychain clips a bit or include a different lotion. My clients loved the keychains and stickers the most."

Continue reading Nailpro's November/December 2021 digital magazine for more gift-giving ideas. 

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