5 Ways to Show Clients That Safety Is Your Priority

Did you know that demonstrating your sanitation measures is one of the most powerful marketing tools available? Discover 5 ways to do it effectively without disrupting your service flow.

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By Anna Bralley, nail tech and licensed esthetician 

Who would’ve thought that sanitation would be a such a highly-effective marketing tool? Prior to the pandemic, sanitation measures were “behind-the-scenes” housekeeping tasks. Vital as they were, they weren’t an advertising priority. Today, things are different.

One of the many psychological impacts that COVID-19 has caused is anxiety about cleanliness. While heightened awareness about sanitary surroundings varies per individual, achieving the perception that your services are safe is imperative. It’s a key differentiator. The best way to do it is by “show and tell,” but not in a way that disrupts your service flow.

To reassure clients that you’re following stringent precautionary standards, there are five impactful things you can do. The best part is that they can all be done without huge investments of time. So, let’s review them, starting with first impressions: the front door.

1. Safeguard your entrance.

·        Ask your clients to wash their hands, or use readily-available hand sanitizer, upon arrival.

·         Either eliminate waiting areas or remove magazines and other items that are often handled by others.

·         Ensure that only scheduled clients are entering your salon and are not accompanied by friends or family members.

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