4 Light-bulb Moments from Essie’s 5th Annual Education Summit

At Essie’s 5th annual education summit, held June 21 to 23 in New York, New York, the teachers became the students and learned a thing or two about building up themselves to elevate the industry. You could almost see the light bulbs illuminating over each educator’s head when a valuable piece of information gleaned from inspirational speaker and former salon owner Johnny Stellato ignited that “a-ha” moment in them. We asked some of the attendees to share their “a-ha” moments—all of which could possibly ignite a similar light bulb for you!

essie education team – 2017 summit team_2Photo courtesy of Essie

1. Client’s Have Many Facetted Needs 

“It was a recognition of how to better cater to the many facets of an audience. One particularly beautiful exercise involved learning how to speak to the deaf and the blind, and had a powerful moment when the audience was asked to turn its back to the stage. I was on stage at that moment, and looking up at the sea of individuals that could not see my actions, and being lead to be mindful of the most effective way to impart information, was mind-blowing. There is so much responsibility in effectively sharing a message: from adapting techniques throughout your talk, to being aware of possible physical or verbal triggers that will shut people down, to staying safe with word play to avoid any awkwardness. It’s always about catering to your audience’s needs.”

-Hillary Fry, Scenario Hair Design in Shorewood, WI, Essie educator for 3.5 years

2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others 

“My ‘a-ha’ moment was when Johnny told us to be our authentic self! I always compare myself to nail artists who create these elaborate nail art designs even though that isn’t my personal esthetic. I am a natural nailcare manicurist. I repair, restore and nourish natural nails to be healthy and strong—that’s who I am.”

-Dekina Henra, J Marie Nail Parlor in Conroe, Texas, Essie educator for 5 years

3. Client Consultation Is Key 

“It was when I felt able to fully engage my audience. Johnny taught me how to ask the right questions to help lead the participants to the correct answer. The light bulb went off for me when I compared this to having a thorough consultation at the beginning of a service. In order for a client to get what they need from me, I have to ask questions to get the result they’re looking for by leading them to the answer. I knew right at that moment in summit that I was a master at client consultations, but also that I could use that analogy for a bigger audience while I’m educating.”

-Melissa Copper, Virtue Salon and Spa in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Essie educator for 3 years

4. Success Is a Journey, Not a Destination  

“My moment came when we talked about staying focused on the process that leads up to a goal. Sometimes you get frustrated with the process—your goal is so far away—and you end up throwing away your goal. You get distracted by what you do have instead of going through the process to get what you want—a goal you don’t have yet. I learned to ask myself: What are the steps to get to that goal and stay focused? I feel like that’s a big takeaway for me because I’m really inspired right now to create opportunities for myself in the next year and this is a good reminder that because I’m not there yet doesn’t mean that I won’t get there.”

Debbie Leavitt, editorial nail stylist, Los Angeles, Essie educator for 5 years

What’s your most recent work-related a-ha moment? Let us know in the comments below!

-Karie L. Frost

[Image: Courtesy of Essie]

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