How Should I Choose Between LED and UV Lamps?

Gel Lamp Np109

Are you in the market for a new lamp to cure gels – and not sure whether to go for UV or LED? Here’s what you should know when making the decision:

“When choosing between LED and UV, consider what kind of product you are using: Will it be compatible with an LED light, and if not, are you ready to switch to a different product? Also, consider how fast you work and if investing in an LED light will be worthwhile. For me, it takes about two minutes to properly apply gel polish on one hand while the other one is being cured so LED doesn’t make my service time that much faster. But it can definitely save time when curing top coat – 30 seconds in LED compared to three minutes in UV.

“You may also want to think about the life of your bulbs. An LED lamp has a long-lasting light, 50,000 hours, compared to 3,000 hours for UV bulbs. LED lights also don’t lose their efficiency with time as regular bulbs do.”

– Yuliya Normad, Entity global artist, North Port, FL


“With UV lights, you can cure any gels, hard gels as well as their top and base coats. With LED, you can cure only LED gels. You cannot cure a UV gel in an LED light because LED gels have a special initiator that UV gels don’t. On the positive side, LED lights use less energy. Plus, their lamps don’t need to be replaced and the lighting is more consistent.”

– Kevin Huynh, president, The Nail Superstore, Franklin Park, IL

“LED is the up-and-coming choice for curing all types of gel or gel polish services. I can only think of the benefits in choosing LED: faster services, which equals more clients on your book, which equals more money!”

– Paige Kerzner, vice president, Premier Nail Source, Tampa, FL

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