You’ve Graduated from Nail School! Now What?

Graduated Nail School

You’ve Graduated from Nail School! Now What?

You completed your hours, you aced school and loved it and now, you’ve graduated. But where do you start? What do you do now in this competitive nails and beauty industry?

Consider Job Placement Services
Your nail school most likely has job placement services where they aid their students in finding their first job. Contact the admissions office or someone at the school to find out more. They can provide helpful tips, notify you of job openings, and more. Think of it as doing research and do this early! Contact them before you even graduate, if possible, so you are ahead of the game!
No matter the career path, networking is always one of the best things you can do before and after graduation. Get to know nail techs at salons near you. Go in and visit them, talk with them and even inquire if they have any positions available part time. You’d be surprised how far you can go just by being friendly and helpful, putting yourself out there, and asking around.
Apply, Apply, Apply
Sometimes you have to hear a few no’s before you hear a yes. That just comes with the territory of job hunting. Try to apply to salons in the same area as your school. Chances are they know of your school and the teachers there. This may give you an “in.” Look online for job postings and go into some places or call; it’s possible that they don’t put anything online. The more places you apply to, the better chance you’ll have. But don’t limit yourself to just applying to salons in your city; broaden your horizons!
Learn Even More
Hundreds of other students are getting their licenses at the same time as you. There will be competition. If you can afford to do it, take another couple of classes in the nails and beauty industry. When you write up your resume or cover letter, your potential employers will see that and you will totally stand out. It will show how much more knowledgeable you are and how much more dedication you have to the industry than your peers.
Open Your Own Salon
It may best for you to work for someone else and learn more about the industry and build your clientele. But if you are a go-getter, opening your own small salon may be one of the best things you can do for yourself. But, beware because there is much more to running a nail salon that just creating pretty nails. Do your homework!

But no matter what path you choose, we know you will be successful!


-April Schallau

[Images: Flickr Creative Commons via Southeastern Seminary]

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