9 Tips from Top Industry Leaders

Greg Salo

9 Tips from Top Industry Leaders

When looking for great business advice, what better place to go than our industry’s leaders? We talked to top executives at some of the most prominent nail companies and they spilled some of their secrets to success. When asked what business advice they would give to nail techs, here’s what nine of them had to say:

“A more educated client is a loyal client. Educating your customer is just as important as educating yourself.”
-Michael Megna, CEO Backscratchers Salon Systems

“Open your minds, look at your own techniques. Anyone not open to change is doomed to be stagnant.”
-Doug Schoon, Vice President of Science and Technology, Creative Nail Design

“Three important things: Always look for change, keep an eye on spa trends and foster your education – you need to attend shows and seminars.”
-Tony Cuccio, CEO/President, Cuccio Naturalé

“Get involved and test new products. Come to shows with natural nails so you can try all the products! Let your customers speak to you more. You’ll find this makes them more loyal.”
-Rudy Lenzkes, President, Elegant Glass/Simply Elegant

“The key to success in the salon is to create beautiful nails. If the work is good, they will come.”
-Lysa Comfort, Artistic and Education Team Director, International Nail Manufacturers

“Have an open mind. See everything as an opportunity.”
-Newton Luu, President, Le Chat

“The base of success is remembering the basics. Take pride in your work and keep your salon clean. Your customer notices everything! Retail. And wear clean socks.”
-George Schaeffer, Founder OPI Products

“Expand your services and focus on retailing in your salons. Use your service time to talk business. Because your client is focused on you, it’s a perfect time to educate her.”
-Jeff Pink, Owner/CEO, Orly International

“You want to be able to present yourself in a more professional manner (ambition, education, etc.). Communicate with your clientele and set yourself apart from your competition by having more to offer.”
-Greg Salo, CEO, Young Nails

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