The One Thing Every Profitable Salon Owner Knows

Us Dollars And Envelopesmall

If you’ve been to the grocery store lately, you may have noticed that the price of milk went up. Did you purchase milk anyway? Most people did, and that fact carries an important message for small business owners, says business consultant Denise O’Berry of The Small Business Edge Corp.  O’Berry notes that many small business owners are afraid to raise their prices and feel the need to apologize when they do. But she contends that since grocery stores don’t apologize for raising the price of milk, you shouldn’t apologize for charging what your nail services are worth. Steady clients typically don’t walk away from a business if prices rise – they have confidence in your business and know that you’ll offer value for their purchasing dollars. O’Berry suggests that when it’s time to raise prices, simply inform your current clients by phone or email when the increase will take effect and then do it, without excuses or apologies.

-Jodi Mills

[Image: Wikimedia Commons/MediaPhoto.Org]

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