8 Career Tips You Never Learned in Nail School

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School may have prepared you for your state board examinations, but it often doesn’t cover skills you may need to actually make a living. Check out these 8 tips for improving your own skills and in turn improving your career!

Start by working at a salon before starting one of your own. This will allow you to set off by getting paid to learn the business up close, so you can see how it all works before blazing your own trail.

Practice as much as possible! Practice on family and friends, and never be satisfied with your current skill level. Always strive for better work; even train for a nail competition, which will up your game in the salon.

Master a wide range of skills. Acrylics may have been touched on in school, but most recent graduates don’t have a firm grasp on applying detailed nail art, doing backfills, or preventing lifting. Make sure your polish skills are on-point. Your massage, lotions, and pampering will only last the session. With a lacquer job, your client will be able to look down at her hand a week later and still appreciate your work.  

Get comfortable with a variety of brands. Many schools only show how to use a handful of brands, yet a salon looking to hire you may use an entirely different set of products. Make sure to continually sample what’s new; don’t miss any chance to watch manufacturer educators demonstrate how to use a product or seek out educator-created demos on Youtube.

Learn the business side of a salon. You may gain information on some nail techniques in school, but very rarely will they touch on how to market yourself, create a service menu, interact with clients, or teach you the logistics of opening your own salon. Talk to other salon owners, and even become friends with one who can walk you through the complicated process.

Keep taking classes. No matter how skilled you become, continue refining your skills. Manufacturers offer a long list of classes here and even trade shows often offer a wide variety of seminars and classes on site.

Have a support network. Whether that network is within the walls of your salon, on Facebook, Instagram, or another online platform, it is essential to be part of a network where you can encourage each other to continually improve your skills and give tips for furthering your career.

Read as much as possible. Subscribe to any nail industry-related magazine you can! Monthly publications give you a way you can keep up to date on the latest news, techniques, and regulations.


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