How To Limit Clients’ Cell Phone Use


Your clients are probably always on their phones – texting, talking, surfing the web, playing Candy Crush. Sometimes, they’re just reading the news while waiting for their tips to dry. And that’s totally okay — our cell phones seem to have taken the place of the magazine in the salon. But if their phone usage is creating a communication barrier, slowing you down, or messing up their nails, you may need to say something.

One way you can politely go about limiting your clients’ phone usage is to start off by letting them at the very beginning that that’s your policy. They are more likely to cooperate when they’re told up-front, and they don’t feel reprimanded like they would after they’ve pulled out their phone.

You can give clients a heads up with something like, “To do my best work, I’ll need your hands to be ‘my hands’ for the next thirty minutes.” Always be friendly when asking. Don’t use the tone of voice reserved for disciplining children or students.  Let them know that once their nails are curing or drying, they can resume their phone activities.

[Image: Thinkstock/iStock]

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