4 Tips For Dealing With Price Inquiries


4 Tips For Dealing With Price Inquiries

When potential clients call you up to ask about service prices, you have about thirty seconds to let her know what she will get for her money. Make it count.

Here are a few key tips to answering questions about pricing without scaring off potential customers.

1. The biggest trick is to first explain the value of your service before even saying the price. A client is much more likely to choose the salon that first explains that they have higher-quality ingredients, better trained staff, and can give manicures that will last longer – and then reveals the dollar amount of all that.
2. Use a script, but make sure it doesn’t sound overly scripted. For instance, when asked how much a manicure is, have your receptionist respond with something like, “Our basic manicure includes an aromatherapy soak, an excellent hand massage, cleaning up cuticles, and a perfect polish for $17, but we also offer a spa manicure, which includes hand exfoliation plus a paraffin treatment for $23. Which can I schedule you for?” This tactic makes even your basic services seem like a great packaged deal, and better educates callers on what they’re actually getting for the cost. Plus – with this script, you’re more likely to get upgrades!
3. Get your caller in the door by offering a first-time discount so she can experience your salon’s quality firsthand. When she asks how much a full set is, let her know she will get a $10 discount on her first visit.
4. If your salon has different prices for different techs with varying experience levels, it can be helpful to give a base price and explain the add-ons. Such as, “We offer a wide variety of customized salon and spa manicures. Our price for a basic manicure begins at only $20. However, if you’re interested in a wonderful spa manicure that includes X, Y, and Z, then it will be only $30. We have other options as well.”

You don’t want to mislead customers into thinking the price is less than it is – but instead show them all that they’re getting!
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