10 Buzzwords To Advertise Your Salon


When attracting new business to your salon, every word counts – and some words are much more effective than others. Catch the eyes and ears of potential new clients by using some of these proven marketing phrases in your campaigns.

Best-Selling: People inherently want to do what everyone else is doing. Always mention if a treatment, design, or product is best-selling, and encourage your newbies to join the craze!

Discount: People, of course, love saving money. Persuade them to try something new by offering a discount on more expensive services (gels, acrylics), and get your plain-polish clients to get hooked on something new!

Expert: Your clients want to know their hands are in good hands. Don’t try to fool clients into thinking you know more than you do, but if you have the education and experience, flaunt it! Even if it’s something small or specific, advertise that you are an expert.

Option: Show that you are flexible. Tell clients they have the option of doing a package deal with this service OR that one. Say they can pick from a selection of colors and brands. Clients want to customize and have the freedom to pick exactly what they want. Note your wide variety of options in menus and ads.

Immediate: Immediate gratification is a key to today’s world. Note that you can give immediate results, immediate discounts, or immediate assistance.

Unique: Show how your salon is unique in order to set yourself apart from the crowd. Make guests want to visit your salon, not the one down the street.

Proven: Back your services by advertising “proven” results. You can say that a spa treatment provides “proven relaxation,” or this product is “proven” to bring strength to nails.

Limited: Scarcity is a huge motivator. Create discounts or free upgrades/services for the first however-many people in the door, or retail a limited number of specialty items. That way, people won’t be able to put it off indefinitely or until “later.”

New: Use “new” to suggest novelty, surprise and energy. Make clients feel like they’re on the cutting edge of trying a new trend or product.

You: We live in the age where everyone has their own voice – on forums, social networking, and in Instagram selfies. Show that you, or your salon, has it’s own voice and personality. Share your own work online, and interact personally with others online and in person.

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