10 Topics To Discuss With Clients

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Maintaining a great relationship between you and your clients is an essential part of what sets your services apart from others. If you’re tongue-tied, relax and strike up conversation with even the least chatty clients using one of these ten conversation topics.

1. Her Nails (duh!): Likes, wants, concerns, trend, etc. are pretty important!
2. Current book and movie releases. You may get some great insight.
3. The latest entertainment and celebrity gossip. This could easily fill up an entire hour.
4. Hobbies. You may even find one that you’ll want to try.
5. Pets and kids. This is a favorite for most people; you’ll see them really start to open up.
6. What she’s making for dinner. Bonus: You can score some great recipes this way.
7. Her job and work-related tasks.
8. If it’s near the holidays, ask about family traditions and share some of your own.
9. Vacation plans. Everyone gets excited about a trip away.
10. The weather. It may seem cliché, but we all love to talk about it.

This article originally appeared in Nailpro April ’12.

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