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Nail expert and OPI executive VP & artistic director Suzi Weiss-Fischmann answers any burning questions you have on OPI, polish, or nails. This question was posed by Elissa from New Jersey via email.

Q: I stopped biting my nails after 34 years (I am 39) in September. I traded my biting obsession for a polish and manicure obsession and I’ve been absolutely thrilled about it. The problem I have is with peeling polish. While at my desk at work, if I see the tiniest lifting of polish from my nails, I end up peeling the polish off all ten nails by the end of the day. The bigger problem with this is that I end up redoing my nails every night before bed. Between the peeling and the remover, I’m sure I’m doing lots of damage to my nails, not to mention wasting a lot of product. Can you give me any pointers for avoiding this habit? Doing some simple nail art seems to help because I don’t want to mess up a really cool nail. But I don’t have the time for that every day and a lot of nail art isn’t really “me” anyway. Also can you recommend a really good base coat that will make the polish stick and not peel? Thanks!

See Suzi’s response.

Suzi Says…

A: One of the biggest secrets to preventing polish from peeling is maintaining your cuticles. Lacquer adheres to the nail bed, but not to skin. If your cuticles aren’ t pushed back, you end up painting over them and polish will start to peel at the base of the nail. One of my favorite products for cuticle maintenance is Avoplex Cuticle Oil to Go, which is easy to apply and can be carried in a purse or makeup bag. I also like to recommend OPI Natural Nail Base Coat to prime the nail surface and increase adhesion of lacquer. You can also use OPI Top Coat every few days to further avoid chips.

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