Nail Designs for the Modern Bride

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Like most details of a wedding day, having the perfect manicure requires plenty of planning—especially for a gal biting her nails as a result of nuptial nerves. Weekly or bimonthly (depending on how healthy the nails are) manicures with the same tech are a must beginning at least a couple of months before the actual day. At this time, the bride should also start figuring out what nail style she wants. Timeless pink-and-whites or clean neutrals are lovely and safe bets; however, one of the (if not the) most important days of a woman’s life should also be a special occasion where her true personality shines through. Here, from some of the hottest nail blogs, are five wedding nail designs to consider.

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copy that copy cat

Linda K., aspiring nail tech, Sydney

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[Image: Copy That Copy Cat, Linda K.]

Madeline Poole

Madeline Poole, nail stylist, Los Angeles/New York

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[Image: Madeline Poole]


Miss Ladyfinger

Taryn Multack, nail artist, New York

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[Image: Miss Ladyfinger, Taryn Multack]


So So Fly Nails

Sophy Robson, nail artist, London

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[Image: So So Fly Nails]

WAH Nails

WAH Nails, London

Screen Shot 2013 06 11 At 4 31 24 Pm

[Image: WAH Nails]

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