Nail Industry Q&A: “Beauty File” with Jewell Cunningham

Jcunningham1Find out more about NAILPRO competition director and international nail champion, Jewell Cunningham.

What was your first job ever?
I was an (underage) telemarketer collecting items for Exceptional Children’s Foundation. I was 14 and my mother got me the job by telling them I was 16.

What was your first job in the industry?
Nail technician extraordinaire! I worked at Jill’s Fingernail Factory.

What was your most recent impulse buy?
I can’t remember but for sure it was something electronic.

What was your proudest accomplishment?
Using my sculptured nail ability to win a total of 27 first place awards, two seconds and one third. Among my wins are International World Champion and USA National Champion.

What’s your favorite movie?
Funny Girl, On Golden Pond and Julie & Julia.

Describe your perfect day.
Up early, great coffee, sun, water, sun, water, shower, dressing to show off a day in the sun and off to dinner or an event with great, fun friends—and, of course, cocktails.

What is your favorite type of food?
Anything saucy and/or messy accompanied by a great cocktail.

Describe the best set of nails you’ve ever seen.
For years, it was a sculptured set of Tom Holcomb nails. But today the
architecture of nails are changing so much that the shapes the techs are
able to create are blowing my mind.

My guilty pleasure is…
planning, cooking and hosting dinner parties.

What are you most afraid of?
Not ever being inspired again, and boredom.

I can’t discuss nails without…
some reference to nail competitions and realizing just how driven
I am to produce great competitions.

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