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Millies MarketingI recently completed a training in Chicago with the Surface Hair Care team led by Wayne Grund, a 30-year plus veteran if the beauty. (Yes, I am a hairdresser too). He has been pouring business, marketing and success coaching into us since Sunday morning. Wayne is really committed to seeing beauty professionals enjoy an extraordinary life in the beauty industry. He has devoted all his time and energy and money into developing this eco-friendly Surface line so he has tons and tons of ideas, and I want to share just a few of the highlights.

One of the most important ideas he shared is I know I have said it before but I will say it again: Write down your goals and plans. We spoke about this at the Nail Talk Radio class in Orlando, about branding yourself and how important it is to know your brand. The lessons he shared are, do you have a sound byte for your brand? Can you tell me in 180 words or fewer why I should come to you? What’s your elevator speech, as they say? Do you keep ahead of the trends? Are you constantly educating yourself? Do you have a lot of experience? What is your story? Share that story with your guests and potential guests and they will begin to bond with your brand. Try including what you are and what you provide as a format.

He also asked what actions are you going to commit to? We all know we can think and dream goals, but we actually have to take action for them to happen. What commitment are you going to make to continue to get your name out there? Marketing is ideas, so find what works for you and commit to it. I know we say, “hand out cards,” but how many per week are you going to hand out? Do you have a script? While it’s beneficial to hand out cards, what do you say to your potential guest? Think something like, “Hi my name is Millie. I couldn’t help noticing you have beautiful nails, but it looks like your service didn’t really hold up very well. I’d love the opportunity to share the latest innovation in long lasting manicures with you, and I have a new color that would be fabulous!” No. 1, I have noticed their potential, No. 2, I have a solution for one of their problems and No. 3, I’m willing to step out of my comfort zone to introduce myself. How many people will you approach per week? Five? Or 10? Do you have your own brochure?

We also shared during the Orlando class that while I work for a salon, I also work for Millie Incorporated. That’s my brand, so I have my own personal brochures that have my testimonials, before-and-after photos, the services that I provide and my hours. Are you walking these brochures to other businesses in the area when you have some down time? What other similar businesses are you sharing them with? Think upscale clothing or shoe stores and restaurants. Obviously if I don’t want a McDonalds clientele, I’m not going to target them, so find a like-minded business that has an upscale feel and hand out your personal brochures. Another way to connect with your community is to watch for local recognition articles in the newspaper. Maybe a realtor is congratulated for top sales. Why not write her a nice letter congratulating her on her success and offering a complimentary service? Once you establish a relationship, that realtor may end up sending business your way. How many letters per week are you committed to writing? Choose at least two actions that you will do each week, and write them out where you will see them every day as a constant reminder of your goals.

Set goals and track them. Remember, in order to get different results from last year we have to do different things. Wayne suggests, “You have to think different, believe different and act different. Success is not really what you do; success is who you are.” You can choose to wake up in the morning and do the same thing to get the same results or you can choose change and get results beyond your wildest dreams.—Millie Haynam

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